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About Us

I heard a story, not too long ago. It made such an impact on me I named my store after it. I want to embody the philosophy and concept presented in that story. Do you remember when you were young and you came upon a sandbox? Did you have to talk yourself out of playing in it? Did you put it off until later? Did you wonder if you knew how to play in it? You certainly didn't. You stepped in and played with abandon! Life, love and your dreams should be experienced that way. As in life, you must step into the sandbox with others. We are all created for community. Alone you are limited with what you create. But you must be discerning about the very sandboxes you choose to step into. All sandboxes, like all invitations, are not created equal. The invitations can come in a myriad of ways: a new job, a new relationship, or going back to school, to name a few. Whatever the invitation, remember this, each one is an opportunity to enlarge your sandbox or step into a new one. Do not stand by and watch others play in the sandboxes of life. My hope and prayer is that you stay in the sandbox of life and play with abandon!